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The NEW Rules Of Business Since March 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, forever. 

Social distancing is real, and businesses are taking a beating of a lifetime. 

But did you know an extra 700 million people have joined the Internet since the pandemic started?

Did you know remote working has significantly increased by 28%

Did you also know online sales reached a staggering $212 BILLION in the last 3 MONTHS, in the States alone?

Globally, that number is probably close to the TRILLIONS?!

Amazon, cashed in an astonishing $89 billion and it’s all thanks to their online presence, with product ads, posts and banners, in all shapes and sizes on their website and across social networks. 

In fact, 70% of businesses are crushing it just like Amazon, constantly getting in front of their customers.

The NEW Customers Of The Pandemic

Right now, the world is stuck indoors and there’s a stampede of online activity with millions of people clicking, and buying.

It’s becoming a NECESSITY thanks to social distancing and visual content is the ONLY thing right now that’s getting their ATTENTION! 

Millions of social posts, product ads, and banners have popped up overnight, all SCREAMING, “Click me! Click me!!!”

It’s the NEW digital currency that has grown exponentially over the past few months. 

It’s exactly what your audience are clicking on, but designers make it impossible for you to meet this new crazy demand.

Design software is not making it any easier with their limited features so you’re switching from one software to another.

And to make things even more complicated, social media demands specific sizes too.

The GOLD Rush

What if you could extract a professional designers skillset, and instantly take over their job and do it better? 

What if you could create 30 million unique and amazing visual designs without thinking at the click of a button?

What if you could instantly create different designs and styles and be spoiled for choice to pick a winner in 1 click?

What if you could instantly transform all your designs, formatted in the most popular shape and sizes for all online platforms in 1 click?

What if you could immediately save time, money, and effort and get millions of designs instantly to feed your hungry audience so they become buyers faster than the PROS? 



The World's FASTEST AI Powered, FULLY Automated, ALL-IN-ONE Design Software For UNLIMITED Traffic, Sales & BUYERS! 
PixalBot is your “Speed of Implementation” designer for all your visual content that gets designed for you.

An AI-powered software that is revolutionizing the graphic design world forever with automated designing, editing, redesigning, styling, resizing, and scheduling your visual content, putting the power back into your hands.

A software that works fast and endlessly like the Energizer bunny, giving you MILLIONS of visual content designed for you, in ALL shapes and sizes, styled and formatted at the click of a button.

Instantly produce attention-grabbing and high-converting graphics for your social media, e-commerce stores, and websites to get more traffic, more leads, and more sales FASTER than ever before possible. 

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Business Credentials

We have over 2 decades of experience in online digital mastery and have sold almost 268,000+ units.

We’re veterans who have successfully created and launched SEVENTY FOUR #1 Best Sellers on Clickbank, JVZoo & Warrior PLUS.
  • Launch is LIVE 12th November 2020 @ 10 am EST
  • Earn Up To A Staggering $455 Per Lead
  • HIGH Converting Sales Copy Written By 7 Figure Copywriter
  • Significantly Engaging VSL Professionally Scripted and Produced 
  • ​Intellectually Engineered Sales Page Design Proven to WOW 
  • ​Over $5,000 JV Prizes Includes Cash Contests
  • ​Perfect For Graphic, Social, Video, eCom, MMO, Traffic & Offline Marketing Lists




(Teams allowed!)

STARTED: Thursday 12th Nov 2020 10:00AM EST
ENDS: Saturday 14th Nov 2020 11:59PM EST

1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize



(Teams allowed!)

STARTED: Thursday 12th Nov 2020 10:00AM EST
ENDS: Wednesday 18th Nov 2020 11:59PM EST

1st Prize


2nd Prize


4th Prize


3rd Prize


5th Prize



(No teams allowed!)

STARTS: Sunday 15th Nov 2020 12:00AM EST 
ENDS: Wednesday 18th Nov 2020 11:59PM EST

*Based on FRONT END units only. Make 10 sales during this period, get paid an
extra $50. Make 50 sales, get paid an extra $400! 

Make 10 sales and get paid an EXTRA 


Make 25 sales and get paid an EXTRA  


Make 50 sales and get paid an EXTRA  


Make 75 sales and get paid an EXTRA 


Make 100 sales and get paid an EXTRA 


Make 150 sales and get paid an EXTRA 


LEGENDARY Sales Funnel By Design

Front End






50% commission





50% commission





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50% commission

Deliver & WE Deliver

Recommend and promote our amazing products and we shall reciprocate likewise. (see proof below)

Plus we want you to BANK BIG so we recommend that you create bonuses, a webinar or whatever you think is best to promote to your list since you know them better than us. 

The rumours you hear are 100% true. Our partners have CASHED IN big bucks, selling up to 1,200 units during our launches. TOP affiliates walk away with FIVE figures and 100+ affiliates earn 4 figure commissions with 200+ banking 3 figures!

We also with pleasure, work closely with our TOP partners and reciprocate without question, sales or NO sales. (We even "walk" the extra mile and sparkle their sales copy so it's magnificent).

We’ll be publishing the official Magnificent 10 leaderboard...

The one that everyone reads.

We also have the Honorables mentions too for partners & affiliates outside the top 10.

NOBODY gets missed out so you have an opportunity to get noticed in the industry, across continents.

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So thanks again for reading and we appreciate your help and support.


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